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Ayurvedic Care for Newborns

Babies are adorable and nothing makes us smile more than the sparkle in their innocent eyes! That’s why whenever we see a baby we naturally smile. We feel like holding a baby in our arms and caressing those soft and delicate cheeks.

For welcoming your newborns and gifting them some healthy growth and development, we have brought to you some very simple and yet effective Ayurvedic tips and techniques. You can use these special methods and techniques for your baby and see astonishing results.

First Rule for Starter

These traditions are the hidden gems of Ayurvedic care for newborns. One such rule, as we might call it, for now, is don’t let everyone touch the baby. Yes, you should ask strangers or people with the illness to stay away from your loved one or not to touch a lot as their immunity is weak and is developed not until three to four months past birth.

Tip: Try to provide limited access to your baby to outsiders for the first few months to let them have ample time for building their immunity.

Agni or Digestion in Babies

Yes, let us introduce you to Agni which is an important concept in Ayurved that refers to digestion. But when it comes to your newborn, the power of Agni is not quite strong enough to break down solid food. So it is advised to breastfeed the baby for at least the first six months. This initial practice can help in strengthening the Agni and prepare the baby to digest regular food.

Tips for solid food: When you start seeing the growth of teeth it is time to start slow with the feeding of solid food.

  • The important thing to understand here is that Agni needs time to adapt. So it is better to feed your baby only one type of food at a time.

  • For starters, feeding cereals are good for building muscle tissues. These are also very easy to digest which helps to build the baby’s Agni.

Classic texts of Ayurved also support the idea of cereals for development until the age of 8 to 10 years. It is also well stated by Acharya Kaashyap that feeding solid food for Anna Praashan should be done after 10 months from birth.

We got the inside of the baby right but what about the outside. So what does Ayurved suggest for the skin and hair of your delicate baby?

Upward Oil Massage

Udvartan is a technique in Panchakarma therapy. Just like we advised you before about regular massage, Udvartan is a special oil massage.

Many things can be used for a massage under this technique to list but we have got your work easy.

Here are some you can easily find and use;

  • Ashwagandha

  • Castor Oil

  • Sesame Oil

  • Turmeric

It is to be kept in mind that these oils should be applied to your baby's skin when they are cool. Apply them and massage the baby's body in an upward direction from toes to head.

How it helps: Udvartan helps the baby with skin complexion and removes blockages in blood vessels.

Cleaning and Bathing

What we ask you here is to remember to always keep it clean and natural.

  • Did you know that the baby’s skin lacks that sweating mechanism? The one that manages the right temperature for the skin. So for that, we need you to cleanse and massage the baby’s skin every day.

  • Your skin has various srot which regulate the sweating mechanism. They need to be cleaned during snaan.

  • Snaan is a very important part of everyday life and its good effects can very well be enchanted by the use of Ayurvedic herbs.

  • You should not apply artificial chemically produced moisturizer on the skin as it might result in blockage in skin pores. Instead, you can have an oil massage before bath and then cleanse it during snaan.

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